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About the Institute

The Institute for Small Islands is an independent research and policy institute that provides a forum for discussion of issues important to small island states and communities around the world.  Based in Trinidad & Tobago, we bring together thought leaders from the public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society, creating spaces for discourse, problem-solving, and action.  

Our goal is to study small islands across the globe from an interdisciplinary angle; to encourage comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing small islands; to facilitate the exchange of information on small islands between the academic and professional spheres and broader mainstream media; and to make issues facing small islands accessible and understandable to anyone wanting to know more.  

At present, we provide a platform for analysis, opinion and commentary on the challenges that small islands must tackle and the unique opportunities they are privy to. We encourage and facilitate the dissemination and discussion of important research and information as it becomes available. There is a great deal of research taking place concerning small islands around the world, but much of it remains inaccessible, compartmentalised into silos and exclusive to rarefied governmental and academic circles.


The Institute believes that this is something that must change. We would like to extend an invitation to the grassroots networks, the professional laypersons, the artistic and intellectual communities and the entrepreneurs - let us expand the circle of conversation, because as island citizens, all are involved and all must face the threats to come. 


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