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Our Work

The Institute aims to include grassroots networks, professionals, laypersons, entrepreneurs, and the artistic and intellectual communities, in order to expand the circle of conversation and facilitate the dissemination of information.  


The Institute's work is organized around four pillars: 


The environment is a huge concern for small islands, especially as the threat of climate change and the challenge of adaptation is already becomong a severe reality. Topics include natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding, pollution,  overfishing, biodiversity loss, deforestation, coral bleaching, soil loss, drought and water scarcity. 


Human rights

We look at human rights and humanitarian issues such as disaster response, disaster risk reduction, migration and refugees, climate migration, human trafficking, the death penalty, access to justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, conflict and violence

Sustainable development

Understanding how to develop our communities in a changing world is key to survival. Beyond exploitation, beyond slavery, beyond occupation, beyond colonialism. How to take tourism to a different level beyond neocolonial interactions? How can entrepreneurs embrace the need for sustainability? How can we pursue niche and luxury agriculture? How can we feed ourselves in the face of yearly natural disasters? How can we also feed and clothe ourselves in a way that does not destroy our environments?


​How to maintain traditions, cultrual practices, languages, and heritage in the face of technology and change? What of our art, our literature, our music and our film? How to embrace modernity in a way that does not erase us? We also look at art that inspires change, art for social justice, art that pushes us to be better societies. 





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